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Best Cheap RGB Gaming Mice

Best Cheap RGB Gaming Mice

Finding the best budget or Best Cheap RGB Gaming Mice can be a great challenge. With the growing popularity of PC gaming, making an informed choice about which products to add to your armory without breaking the bank is hard. Don’t lose hope; it’s desirable to find high-quality gaming products at affordable prices. You might not get certain features or a wireless design when looking for the best gaming mouse on an affordable budget, but there are plenty of great choices out there for a frugal gamer.

Best Cheap RGB Gaming Mice
Best Cheap RGB Gaming Mice

Based on research results, working with an external mouse enhances user productivity compared to a touchpad when performing tasks. Using the external mouse confirmed many users to be more precise in task performance, and, in some cases, they were nearly 50% more productive versus using a touchpad.

Top 5 Best Cheap RGB Gaming Mice

  • Logitech G305 Lightspeed.
  • Fnatic Clutch 2 Pro.
  • Corsair Katar Pro XT.
  • Razer Basilisk V3.
  • Roccat Burst Pro.

Logitech G305 Lightspeed:

Best Cheap RGB Gaming Mice
Variations: Black, Blue, Mint, White, Lilac
Brand: Logitech G
Batteries: ‎1 AA batteries required
Weight: 3.36 ounces

Logitech G305 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse is planned for serious performance with current technological innovations. Re Remarkable 250-hour battery life. Now in a variety of dynamic colors.

The Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED is a wireless gaming mouse with a solid, plastic frame. It connects using a USB receiver and uses an individual AA battery for power. Its egg-shaped body is nearly synchronized and there are a couple of side buttons on the left and a button behind the scroll wheel that acts as a CPI button by default.

This mouse is a little bit on the smaller side and may not be well-suited for people with very large hands, but it feels as well-built and premium as some of Logitech’s higher-end mice. Performance-wise, it has gravely low click latency and a very low minimum lift-off distance. You can also regulate the CPI by precise increments within a broad range.

The Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED is a good gaming and office mouse with a very logical, high-performing sensor and a distinctive, egg-shaped body suitable for left or right-handed enjoyers. Its customization software is also adaptable with both Windows and macOS. Additionally, this mouse is an easy choice for enthusiasts who like to make modifications to their peripherals.


G305 is a LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming mouse specially designed for serious performance with latest technology innovations at a reasonable price point. Now in a variety of vibrant colours.

  • 1 ms report RATE


HERO is a new optical sensor designed by Logitech G to deliver class-dominant and up to 10 times the power efficiency (compared to the previous one). HERO sensor delivers especially accurate and consistent performance with zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration from 200 to 12,000 DPI. G305 can defend up to 5 profiles with up to 5 DPI levels each on the loaded memory.


Through end-to-end engineering and design, Logitech G created a robust wireless solution to solve the fundamental problems of latency, stability, and connectivity. The end result is LIGHT SPEED, a pro-grade wireless solution that gets wired-like performance.


HERO sensor and LIGHT SPEED wireless deliver high efficiency to let you play games for months. It delivers up to 250 hours of run-to-die on one AA battery. It can be adjusted to last up to 9 months of typical use in ability mode, which can be selected via Logitech G HUB.3 Tested on Logitech G240 Gaming Mouse Pad Logitech G HUB, as well as the indicator light on G305, will notify you when 15% of the battery remains.


At Logitech G305, a wireless mouse doesn’t need to be heavy. The G305 is very light, coming in at only 99 grams, made possible thanks to the lightweight mechanical design and ultra-efficient battery control.


G305 initial switches, both left and right, are rated for 10 million clicks. G305 also has a central click, a DPI button, and two side buttons that can be motorized to your desire using Logitech G HUB.


Mechanical button tensioning with separated buttons increases the firmness of the left and right primary mouse buttons and helps in decreasing the force needed to click. This results in crisp, decent button performance you can depend on in even the most acute gaming sessions.

  • Feels well-built.
  • Great click capability.
  • Maybe Heavy.

 Fnatic Clutch 2 Pro:

Color: ‎Black
Brand: Fnatic
Weight: 10.6 ounces
Item model number: Clutch 2

The CLUTCH 2 is a light-weight professional-grade right-handed mouse designed with the advice of our pro gamers, it’s ready to deliver under the highest of beliefs and the resilient of conditions.

The Fnatic Clutch 2 pro is an excellent, wired FPS gaming mouse. It has a balanced, deceitful shape with a soft touch textured finish, rubberized sides, and two side buttons on the left. It feels fairly well-built, but there’s a bit of lean in the body if you press in some areas and the scroll wheel on our unit is hard. It’s well-suited for almost all hand sizes using a palm or paw grip, as well as larger hands using a fingertip grip.


Mice are probably the very important, most personal tool in the armoury of a professional gamer, and therefore all gamers. That’s why we only have one belief, one promise, to put the best possible technology, and build quality, in every mouse we make starting with the totally re-engineered CLUTCH 2. Everything you need to achieve, with no concession.


Oleophobic paint and organised rubber side grip arguments comfort and support both palm and fingertip-grip users.


Tip top, like a compass, Clutch is armed with The Pixart 3360, one of the world’s finest sensors, with a load of extra features such as the capability to adjust lift-off-distance, lower CPI accessions and overall higher split-second efficiency and precision. You’ve got no more apology now, the halt is up to you.


Breaking is evil, even when foolish. Built to combat more than normal wear-and-tear. Those rage-inducing occasions are no match for our top row built and drop tested durability. But go ahead, share your bang testing videos, and form real friends


Form it your own. Adjustable CPI/DPI, lift-off distance and colour combinations meet the demands of gamers on any level. Easily pressable buttons give you the power to control the environment. Turn the CPI/DPI on the glide. So you can aim accurately, no matter which sword or game, just switch your profiles rapidly. No more apologies.


Designed for the elemental experience, without compromising on characteristics, the crossing won’t need a PHD to get to grips with. Cloud based, and annoyed platform, it will derive consistently to increase your experience. Starting with super basic lighting controls, straight ahead key bindings, and profiles this is just the starting of your road to OP. With the mice you also gain access to basics such as sensitivity, CPI, and LOD alteration.

  • Feels well-built.
  • Ambidextrous shape perfect for nearly all hand sizes using a palm or fingertip grip.
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  • Heavy.
  • Click dormancy is high for a gaming mouse.

Corsair Katar Pro:

Color: Black
Brand: Corsair
Battery: 1 AA batteries required
Weight: 6.7 ounces

The Corsair KATAR PRO Wireless is a perfect wireless gaming mouse. It’s a well-built mouse that has an ambidextrous architecture with two buttons on its left side. It’s short enough to fit into most laptop or MAC  bags, and it has USB receiver storage within its battery section. It has a perfectly low click latency and a wide CPI reach that can be adjusted in increments of 100. Its shorter size is best suitable for a fingertip grip, but small and medium-sized hands will find it convenient with a palm and claw grip.

The Corsair KATAR PRO Wireless is a perfect wireless gaming mouse, chiefly for its price point. Its click latency is very low, and it has a wide CPI reach, although the sensitivity can’t be adjusted as accurately as other gaming mice on the market. Also, it’s somewhat a little bit heavy.


Build Quality

For a budget mouse, the build quality is very splendid. The outside of the mouse has a very pleasant texture to rub your fingers up against and it gives extra grip during intense gaming period.You don’t want to worry about it slipping out of your hands, even if the mouse itself is on the shorter side.

The Mouse Shape

The mouse shape has a well-formed design, making it great for claw grip and fingertip grip.Although it’s well-formed design, it is not ambidextrous, as the buttons are only on the left side of the mouse creating them difficult to reach for a left-handed person.

The overall size of the mouse is absolutely small. As a larger-handed person, the size to be too short for fingertip or palm grip, but an excellent fit for paw grip. It’s excellent for FPS games where you need to rapidly turn your mouse to place cross hairs on the attacker.

The Buttons

The mouse has six various buttons that you can press although gaming. Each button can be remapped through the iCUE software, making it highly adaptable.

The different buttons included are:

  • Left click
  • Right click
  • Middle mouse button
  • DPI button
  • Forward
  • Back

The Feet

The feet use a huge PTFE glide substance. This allows the mouse to slide over readily on my mouse pad.The feet are two large compartments on the top and bottom-side of the mouse basement.

The Software

The software is both a large selling point and a short source of disappointment.The iCUE software itself is very all-inclusive (although a massive download), allowing you to do some absolutely helpful stuff.

  • Wonderful customization software.
  • Well-built.
  • Not as appropriate as dedicated office mice

Razer Basilisk V3:

Color: Classic Black
4.5 ounces
Item model number:

The Razer Basilisk V3 is a continuation of the Razer Basilisk lineup. It’s a smooth, full-attentive gaming mouse with a solid, matte plastic body, three side buttons on the left, and a right-handed shape with a thumb rest. It’s suitable for all grip types and almost all hand sizes, but short hands may not reach the sniper button easily using a claw or fingertip grip.

While some earlier versions of the Basilisk have a scroll wheel with both tactile and free-scrolling modes, this version holds a new software option that can undoubtedly switch between the two modes depending on how readily you scroll. Performance-wise, it has exceptionally low click-dormancy, a very low lift-off distance, and you can accommodate the CPI by precise accession of 50, within a vast range.

 It also has many more programmable buttons than many FPS gaming mice, though not as many as faithful MMO mice. These qualities make it a great choice for an assortment of gaming genres.


Razor sensor

Razer Basilisk V3 personalised Ergonomic Gaming Mouse: Chroma RGB Lighting – 26K DPI Optical Sensor – 11 machine drivenButtons – HyperScroll Tilt Wheel – Classic Black – RZ01-04000100-R3M1.


The Razer Basilisk V3 Pro has an broadcast battery life of up to 90 hours with RGB lighting turned off while connected via its HyperSpeed USB receiver.

Programmed Buttons

With 10+1 programmable buttons, a brilliant scroll wheel, and a heavy dose of Razer Chroma™ RGB, it’s time to light up the clash your way.

  • Feels well-created.
  • Acutely low click latency.
  • Comfortable, right-handed shape suitable for all grip types and nearly all hand sizes.
  • Maybe Heavy for someone.
  • Maybe annoying for left-handed grip.

Roccat Burst Pro:

Color: White
Weight: 2.4 ounces
Batteries: ‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

For a cheap gaming mouse that is full of flair, you need the Roccat Burst Pro. This gaming mouse acquired some cues from lightweight gaming mice—a category it in fact falls into thanks to its 68g weight—with its use of a honeycomb arrangement design. But, rather than opening up the body, Roccat has covered the honeycomb in a crystalline layer that lets the Burst Pro’s RGB lighting shine through excellently. That layer also carries dirt and soot out of the mouse’s internals.

While a total of three lighting zones, holding one on the scroll wheel, can sync with other adaptable AIMO products for a jazzy, uniform look that changes based on the action in your games.


Design and comfort

The Pro Air features a “bionic shell” that injects the RGB while sealing the mouse stiff enough to keep water and dust out. Having RGB on a mouse is commonly pointless since your hand covers it during usage, but this isn’t certainly the case here. 

The mouse has four RGB zones, one under the upper shell, one each on the left and right buttons, and the last in between them, which brighten the scroll wheel.

Sensors and switches

The inner switches of the Burst Pro Air are TTC Opticals, or as Roccat commands them, “Titan switches.” TTC is a very popular switch manufacturer for mechanical keyboards, and I didn’t even know the company made switches for mice. The process in which the Titan switches serve is like any other visible switch: A beam of light is inserted from one side of the switch to the other when actuated, which results in an almost instantaneous counter time.

Gaming performance

One of my friends sent me a screen abduction of him playing the original Doom, but with ray tracing, and because Quake RTX was so amusing, this had to be as well. Doom was a strong choice when it came to testing this mouse because there’s no auto-aim, it’s very fast-speed, and I hadn’t used it in over a decade.

  • Comfortable,
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • Feels very well-built.
  • Tons of RGB
  • Good battery life.
  • Phantom Flex cable is top-class quality
  • Can’t be available wirelessly.
  • Software not available on macOS.
  • Lower DPI and polling rate than its competitors
  • Might be a bit heavy for some

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