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How to choose ram?

How to Choose RAM ?

Confused about how to choose RAM with good quality?

If yes! don’t worry because today In this post I will cover the guide about how to choose RAM. When we talk about gaming then Processor and graphics are very important. But still without the RAM system can’t work properly.

If you don’t have enough RAM or right RAM for your computer, your game doesn’t play well and there is a lot of disturbance in the performance of the computer Because when you are gaming your PC requires a lot of memory.

So, when building your PC you have to make sure about the RAM you choose according to your work.

Things You Need To Know About How To Choose RAM

How to choose RAM

Before choosing RAM I would like to share some information like what is ram and how much you need. Let’s take a look.

What is RAM?

The full form of RAM is Random Access Memory, Which is very important for the computer. It is responsible for the storage of the computer. When you download any game or information, all the data is stored in your RAM or in the Hardisk.

Actually Ram is not long term storage for your data instead of this hard disk can store your data for a long time. Because when you upgrade your window the data in RAM can be deleted but if it is in the hard disk then it can not be deleted.

Well, RAM is for quick access to your data and also suitable for gaming that’s why it is very important part of your computer. And when your computer has good storage area then it also works properly.

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How Much RAM Do You Need?

RAM is very easy to install and there is not any difficulty to upgrade it because it takes only a few minutes and anyone can upgrade it. But still, everyone wants to know How to Choose RAM and how much RAM is good for their computer. Let me tell you:

Normal Work:

For normal working computer, RAM is not needed as much. Because there is not as much data that require a lot of storage. So, for this 2 or 4 GB RAM is enough to use. And if you extend your work in the future you can also upgrade it.

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General Gaming Computer:

For a general gaming computer, 8 GB RAM is enough because it can also handle the new games. Due to this, your computer performance becomes very well and you can enjoy gaming also.

For Heavy Games or Editing:

Well for heavy games and for video editing, you need extra RAM because there are a lot of soft wares and data which require a good RAM to run properly. So, for this, you need 16 GB of RAM, and it is enough for your computer.

RAM Compatibility Issues

It is very important to keep in mind that every RAM doesn’t support every motherboard. And RAM work with motherboard. So, you need to know that which RAM is good for your motherboard.

DDR generation is very important when you are going to be the RAM for your computer. It is important to know that you can’t put the DDR3 in the motherboard that has DDR4 slots. It can’t work. You have to match both first.

Motherboard DIMM slots, are also important to know. You have to know first how much DIMM slots your motherboard has. So, that you can buy your memory kit with the same amount of slots otherwise it can’t work and your money can waste also. This way you got to know how to choose RAM.

RAM Speed

For RAM speed, two things are very important frequency and latency.

RAM frequency is similar to the processor’s frequency. If your memory kit’s frequency is faster then it can process data faster.

And when we talk about the latency, then latency is the time between when the computer works. So, if the latency is low, then your computer works quickly and your memory goes to the next process. Ram Speed is also Very Important Part in how to choose RAM Topic.

Easy To Upgrade:

Well, RAM is easy to upgrade. You have to match the RAM according to the worth of your PC. you can not put the 16 GB of RAM in the normal PC. its just wastage of your money.

And also if you have not enough money and you can spend a lot of money on RAM then you can’t buy a good CPU or GPU. And then your computer doesn’t work well. So, to start only use 8 GB of RAM and then later upgrade it when you have money.