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How To Keep Phone Cool While Gaming

How To Keep Phone Cool While Gaming

Everyone loves gaming, but is your smartphone heating soo much? Here is How To Keep Phone Cool While Gaming? Mobile gaming has been growing since the release of PUBG mobile. After that, games like Fortnite and Call of Duty Mobile have also come into the fracas. 

With mobile gamers increasing day by day and using their respective smartphone for longer, it’s necessary to keep your device cool. We got you covered with tips and tricks for keeping your beloved mobile phone safe from gaining damaged due to excessive heat, this will take care of your smartphone heating problems.

How To Keep Phone Cool While Gaming

Ways How To Keep Phone Cool While Gaming

Here are the ways to keep your phone cool while Gaming:

Choose your phone case wisely.

A durable, high-quality phone case is an essential accessory for every smartphone—after all, accidents are imminent, and your phone case is often the last line of defence between a falling device and the cold, hard place. However, did you know that some cases can also cause your device to overheat more rapidly? Luckily, certain cases may help counteract the heating effects of soo excessive use.

Shield your device from direct sunlight.

Therefore, it stands to reason that additional heat would only cause the heating effects of mobile gaming. This could cause your device to overheat that quickly, negatively affecting performance along with potentially detrimental to your device and its components.

Close any unused apps.

Many mobile gamers do not remember to close apps when they finish using them, which can negatively affect device performance (and lead to device overheating). To be on the safe side, it’s recommended that you periodically close all unuseful apps on your phone—especially during prolonged periods—to keep your device running at peak performance and to inhibit overheating.

Change phone settings

Try to lower the display brightness and regulate the graphics settings while playing heavy games like COD Mobile and PUBG etc on your cell phone. This way, not only your achievements at the last minute will improve, but your mobile will also be less likely to heat up.

Avoid playing games while charging

It is one of the most common reasons for overheating your mobile. The mobile’s battery will warm up while it charges. Multitasking while playing a video game will devastatingly enhance the temperature.

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Take breaks in between prolonged sessions

Prolonged usage is the most common cause for a gaming phone to become heated and lose performance. There is a famous proverb that “Excess of everything is bad.” The same is the case with playing games. Like any other thing, gaming must be done in calmness.

Turn off sensors

Always make sure that the unessential sensors are turned off when not in use. In general, these sensors constantly run in the background & use the battery. This eventually makes the phone hot. Whenever you download or play the game, it requires just Wi-Fi and nothing else.

So, you can turn the sensors off, including GPS location and Mobile Data, to watch magical effects. It will not just protect your battery juice considerably but also lower the temperature of the device.

Remove your phone case

Sure, a case can offer a bit of damage protection, but it can also be a source of heating issues. Some cases are created out of insulating materials like rubber or a thick plastic that can carry heat. If someone is gaming on their idly browsing at home, it’s best to just remove the case.

Clear app data and cache

Make a regular habit of clearing cached data regularly. Apps generate a lot of extra junk files. All of this unneeded data just increase the workload on your phone’s processor, thus heating it up.

Avoid Pushing Your Phone to its Limits

Your phone is not designed to run games at the highest settings for hours. If you’re noticing that your device is getting hot rapidly, try turning down the graphics settings. This will help decrease the stress on your phone and keep it cooler for longer periods of time.

Common Reasons Why Mobile Phones Overheat

  • Excessive Smartphone Usage Can Overheat A Mobile Phone
  • Buggy Software Update Or Malware Can Cause Mobile Phone Overheating
  • A Faulty Battery, Cable, Or Charger Is Dangerous And Can Overheat A Mobile Phone
  • Blocked Ventilation Can Sometimes Lead To Overheating
  • Internal Damage Could Lead To Overheating Mobile Phone
  • Older Hardware Tends To Run Hot


By following the above ways to cool the phone while playing games, you will able to cool your phone and play games easily. I hope that this article will help you in cooling your phone while playing games.


What keeps the phone cool?

Wrap it in a tea towel or a handkerchief, place your phone on it for about a minute, and then pop it off again. Repeat until the phone is back in the best working condition. Don’t have any of things? Place the phone on a cool countertop, or something like it.

Is it good to cool your phone?

Getting your phone out of these hot environments can cool it down immediately — try putting it into a dark room or even cool it down with a fan. Never put it into the freezer or refrigerator, though. Cold temperatures can damage your phone, too.

Why is my phone so slow?

A few easy-to-fix reasons why your android device or iPhone might be slow include: A need to clear your random-access memory (RAM) and A low-performing battery. Low or no storage.

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