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My Power Supply Fan is Not Spinning

My Power Supply Fan is Not Spinning

Most power supply units include a couple of fans, and both turn on at various times, depending on the PSU’s performance. Each fan is essential for the unit’s function and for keeping the case cooler, which assists improve the life of your other components. But the most common problem is My Power Supply Fan is Not Spinning.

If your PSU fan isn’t spinning accurately, there’s probably nothing to worry about. However, you might require to troubleshoot it a bit if you think it should be on and isn’t – just to be sure.

My Power Supply Fan is Not Spinning
My Power Supply Fan is Not Spinning

Why My Power Supply Fan is Not Spinning?

The following reasons happen to stop your PSU fan to spin:

1. The PSU fan is in the zero RPM mode

Zero RPM mode also called semi-passive cooling mode, or semi-fanless mode is basically a feature many new modern PSU fans have. When in this mode, the fan won’t make as much noise, and it could be the reason you watch the PSU fan not spinning.

2. Temperature

Temperature is a very essential factor when it comes to the power supply fan not working accurately. The higher the load the system has to process – the higher the temperature rises of the computer, and this is when the PSU fan comes into play.

3. Builtup dust

In case you haven’t cleaned your PSU fan for a long time in a while, it is quite probable that the dirt and dust have built up in the fan, blocking the spinning system and compromising the entire process.

4. Defective components

One of the most common issues concerning a PSU fan is a bent blade. This can happen due to dust buildup, some loose components, or as a result of the normal functioning of the fan over time. Usually, these components can easily be fixed, but in case they’re severely damaged, you will have to replace all of them. 

5. Connection issue

In case the fan isn’t even detected, this could indicate that there is a connection issue. You should inspect the power cable to ensure it is plugged in correctly. 

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How to fix a power supply fan that isn’t spinning?

You should initiate by reviewing your PSU and its placement in your own case. Next, check your all connections and software settings. Finally, you’ll have to consider a replacement if you notice any issues.

Examine Your PSU

The first thing you should do is check on the PSU and create sure it’s placed correctly. Correct placement is essential because you don’t require anything else in the case of interfering with the fans.

Turn off the PC to cool down

In extreme cases, if the temperature increases by 50°C, the power supply should shut down on its own. However, if this doesn’t happen, make ensure to turn off the PC yourself and allow it to cool down to normal.

Look for faulty components

Opening up the fan for a cleaning session is also a great opportunity to check the components and make ensure they’re properly mounted and connected. Also, you require to make sure that there are no defective elements that could stop the PSU fan from working. 

Check all the cables

Cables, especially the power supply cable, are just as essential as any component of the computer system. Grab the manual and double-check all the connections before you boot the system.

In case the power supply cable has any type of defect, as minor as it may appear, it should be regained. If you have a pet, it is possible that it smashed on the cable and damaged it. 

Check Your Software

If you ever adjusted your PSU and its fans in a software program, open it and see what settings you’ve changed, if you added a custom fan curve or selected a preset, adjust it to back. If it’s on an eco mode or a silent mode, switch it to a more combative mode-like performance. You require the fan to kick in at a lower power load.

How Does the PSU Fan Work?

Fan of Your PSU works depending on what its load is. The load is how much of its potential power it’s utilizing. Generally, the fan kicks in at a certain percentage, depending on your PSU settings.


Can a power supply run without a fan?

If the PSU is not overheating, then the fan doesn’t need to turn. The only purpose of the fan is to move air over the heat transfer fins faster, so they cool down faster. If they can get rid of the heat into the surrounding air fast enough, without having to move air across them, then a fan isn’t required.

Should my power supply fan be spinning?

Generally, PSU fans tend to only run when needed, and with the low power draw in BIOS/UEFI, there won’t be enough heat generated to warrant the fan to rotate.

When should the power supply fan turn on?

If the computer uses more than 15% power from the power supply, the fans in the power supply will turn on and spin at a moderate speed to ensure proper operating temperature.

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