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Fallout 4’s

Fallout 4’s Next-Gen Update is Long Overdue

The gaming industry is well into the new generation, but Fallout 4’s next-gen update is now here to be found, and that needs to be fixed. The gamer will be ready to play the new version of the Fallout-gen update.

The ninth generation of gaming has been going strong for around three years now, and it has seen countless great experiences. Studios have also spent a lot of time upgrading or remaking their past games to take benefit of everything that these new consoles have to offer. This has been good  for gamers, but promised next-gen updates for games like Fallout 4 are still here to be found                                                                                      

Fallout 4’s next-gen updates:

Fallout 4’s Next-gen Deserves to Shine on Next-Gen Hardware

Fallout 4 was a great RPG when it first launched back in 2015, but it has started showing some cracks as it ages. While The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim received its next-gen update, Fallout 4 has been left to gather dust. Bethesda promised that the acclaimed RPG would be upgraded for latest hardware sometime this year, but it has not happened yet, and the year is more than halfway complete. The studio may be focusing its attention on Starfield, but it is also time that it finally fulfills its next-gen promise

Fallout 4 Deserves to Shine on Next-Gen HardwareFallout 4 was a fantastic treat for fans of the franchise and helped remind players why the series is as famous as it is. Bethesda has not only refined the franchise’s core gameplay loop, but has also introduced a plethora of new characteristics like settlement building to the mix. This helped make the RPG one of the most unique in the series and gave players a reason to keep coming back for more. While some of its mechanics and DLC may have left much to be desired, the experience was still well worth the wait 

Once the new generation rolled around, players hoped that Bethesda would release a next-gen update for Fallout 4. Skyrim was able to get a re-release when the eighth generation was knocked out, and many of the studios were taking benefit of the ninth-generation consoles with next-gen updates of their own. It seemed like studios wanted their games to spread across gaming generations, and backward compatibility helped make it simpler than ever.

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Bethesda gave Skyrim its ninth-generation re-release in 2021, but it has yet to give Fallout 4 its next-gen update. The studio published it has plans to release one sometime in 2023, but the update has not seen the light of day. There has been almost no news about its existence, and some fans thought that it may have been outright abandoned. While Bethesda has not canceled the project, it feels strange that it has revealed so small information about it. If Skyrim can get released in three generations,  it should not be this hard for Fallout 4 to get released on its second

Bethesda likely has its hands full with Starfield, but it would be good if it at least provided a release window for Fallout 4’s next-gen update. Fans should be able to play the game with the best graphics possible, and modern hardware could really help the game shine even brighter. This update could not only help improve an already good game but also serve as an accurate way to finish time during the extremely long wait for the next Fallout title.


Fallout 4’s next-gen update is undeniably long overdue. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the technical limitations of the original release have become increasingly apparent. A next-gen update would not only address these limitations but also provide an opportunity to enhance the game’s visuals, gameplay mechanics, and modding capabilities. It would allow both veteran players and newcomers to experience the wasteland in a fresh and exciting way, ensuring that the legacy of Fallout 4 endures for years to come. As fans continue to hold out hope for this much-anticipated update, one can only imagine the wonders that await within the irradiated remains of the Commonwealth.